Saturday, April 12, 2008

Everything you always wondered about me...

Stephanie did this a while back, and I've decided to follow in her footsteps.

101 Trivia Tidbits

1 - I can never drink just one cup of coffee.

2 - I hate playing any game where I have to perform at the center of attention - Pictionary, Charades, Cranium, etc.

3 - Any time the subject of conversation turns to sports, I immediately lose interest.

4 - I hate doing laundry and always put it off as long as possible.

5 - I've tried giving up soda but I find it very difficult.

6 - When people who know me in completely different ways end up in the same area ("Worlds are colliding!" ~ George Costanza), I find it very stressful to act as the sort of "bridge" between them.

7 - If pressed to choose a fictional character I'd want to date, I'd select Jim Halpert from The Office.

8 - I feel very anxious and sometimes panicky in crowded places.

9 - I like Christmas music, but usually by Christmas Day, I'm sick to death of it.

10 - I DETEST Christian platitudes, i.e. "Let go and let God." They make me want to vomit.

11 - I worry a lot about my future.

12 - I sometimes have no idea how I'm really feeling until I write it down or say it out loud.

13 - One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is a good hug.

14 - I wear black a lot because supposedly it's "slimming."

15 - I rarely like pictures of myself unless they are self-portraits.

16 - I have mild social anxiety disorder (self-diagnosed) and I sometimes feel very nervous and uneasy on the way to social gatherings.

17 - I don't laugh when I watch Meet the Parents (or other "everything-goes-wrong" movies) because I feel way too much empathetic embarrassment for the main character.

18 - When I was in fourth grade, I had a pair of pink Reeboks that I insisted on wearing with everything.

19 - I'm a middle child and I sometimes felt starved for attention growing up. I think that's why I spend so much quality time with my parents now.

20 - When I'm with a friend who simply cannot ignore his/her phone long enough to have a conversation, I find it extremely rude.

21 - A lot of my friends are much younger than me, and sometimes I feel embarrassed about that.

22 - I have a freakishly sharp memory and often recall things that no one else recollects.

23 - I tend to go back and forth between being very open and very guarded.

24 - I can be whimsical and moody, and I hate that about myself.

25 - I am not a morning person at all, and I hate it when people don't understand that.

26 - I wish I could be one of those people who "don't watch tv," but I'm not. I've always loved television.

27 - I tend to be overly self-conscious about my outward appearance.

28 - I don't wash my hair every day because I was advised not to. On the days when I do have to wash it, I dread it like a dentist appointment.

29 - I hate getting up in the morning. I love sleep way too much.

30 - When I'm really looking forward to something, my mind's eye conjures all these images of what it will be like, and then I feel disappointed when the reality of it does not match my imagination.

31 - When someone hurts me, I rarely tell them because I'm afraid of their anger.

32 - Any dessert that includes peanut butter, I find incredibly delicious.

33 - I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've seen my mother cry.

34 - I like to drive, but I don't think I'm very good at it.

35 - I listen to Kevin Smith's podcast - SModcast - every's often filthy/raunchy but I can't help loving it.

36 - I love the show How I Met Your Mother because I think Neil Patrick Harris is dreamy and hilarious.

37 - My favorite Starbucks holiday drink is Peppermint Mocha.

38 - I eat ramen noodles a lot, and not just because I'm poor...I actually like them.

39 - I've lived alone for almost four years, and at this point I can't imagine living with anyone else.

40 - Every year I have to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

41 - I love Lionel Richie's music. I can't help it.

42 - I kind of hope that I never have kids, because I doubt that I would be a good mother.

43 - I often use others' words (song lyrics, poetry, etc.) to express how I feel, because my own words feel so insufficient.

44 - One of my favorite snacks is celery + peanut butter.

45 - I feel intimidated by people with strong personalities.

46 - I'm a relatively quiet person, but my laugh gets really loud sometimes and that embarrasses me.

47 - I expend entirely too much energy worrying about what other people are thinking of me.

48 - I never wear yellow or orange.

49 - Unlike the majority of girls I know, I'm not afraid of spiders at all.

50 - I pretty much hate rodents and think they're gross.

51 - I think funeral directors are everyday heroes with incredibly difficult jobs.

52 - I HATE humid weather and could not live without air conditioning in the summer.

53 - In fifth grade, I was Captain of the Safety Patrol.

54 - I won tickets to Sesame Street Live! in a call-in radio contest when I was 8.

55 - I saw The Monkees in concert when I was 19, but I was with a group of people who made it one of the worst nights of my life.

56 - I could probably spend an entire day browsing and reading in Barnes & Noble.

57 - Right after high school, I went to Taylor University in Indiana for almost two years, but only because my parents wanted me to.

58 - My ideal vacation would be a visit to the United Kingdom.

59 - I've always wanted to fall in love and get married, but I fear that I will never do either.

60 - I doodle all the time when I'm on the phone.

61 - I'm addicted to Spider Solitaire.

62 - I love playing Grand Theft Auto at my friend James's house.

63 - I had a mullet for about 6 years while I was growing up.

64 - When I was in high school, I was kind of obsessed with Steven Curtis Chapman and once met him at a Christian bookstore.

65 - I like cake much better than pie.

66 - I can watch episodes of Gilmore Girls dozens of times and not grow weary of them.

67 - When relaxing at home or my parents' house, I'm nearly always watching tv and surfing online at the same time.

68 - I have blocked 9 people on my AIM buddy list.

69 - I hate visiting houses where I am required to take off my shoes when I go inside.

70 - I find it very irritating when people make moral judgments about fictional characters.

71 - I don't feel right unless I'm wearing makeup, earrings and a necklace.

72 - I think most of Prince's songs are excellent "driving songs."

73 - When I have a big project to complete, I always procrastinate because I need the pressure to get it done.

74 - When I need personal encouragement and/or confidence, I often listen to Jimmy Eat World's The Middle or John Lennon's Instant Karma.

75 - No matter how many times I've seen Mr. Holland's Opus, the ending always makes me sob.

76 - I would love to have a dog, specifically a Saint Bernard or a Newfoundland.

77 - I always spent entirely too much of my workdays on facebook.

78 - I often wish my family could be closer.

79 - I love Arby's chicken salad.

80 - I don't like many true "rock" bands...I mostly prefer acoustic/folk music.

81 - I don't really like gatherings that are "all girls". Most of my closest friends have traditionally been guys.

82 - I always thought writing was my strongest passion, but lately I wonder if photography may have surpassed it.

83 - I hate it when guys talk about "hot girls" in front of me because it always leaves me feeling unattractive and insecure.

84 - Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are may be my favorite love song.

85 - I sometimes have erratic sleep patterns and go through intermittent bouts of insomnia.

86 - I watch both The Hills and The Real World on MTV. I'm not proud of it.

87 - I saw Titanic four times in the theatre.

88 - For three years I've had a crush on a guy whom I see on a regular basis, but I'm still terrified to talk to him.

89 - I often eavesdrop on other people's conversations in public places.

90 - I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but I think I would really suck at it.

91 - I took four years of French in high school and I wish I remembered more of it.

92 - My favorite flower is the red gerber daisy.

93 - I still watch and enjoy Full House.

94 - Most of the time, I generally think the book is much better than the movie.

95 - When I'm having a hard time, I can sometimes be comforted by the simple sound of a close friend's voice.

96 - My favorite pen to write with is the ultra-fine-point Sharpie.

97 - I am sometimes astounded at my own inability to make decisions.

98 - My record for keeping a Netflix movie is three months.

99 - There are three guys who liked me in high school who are now in committed relationships...with other guys.

100 - I find Hello Kitty adorable but find it very peculiar that she does not have a mouth.

101 - I love making lists -- is that obvious?

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