Tuesday, April 8, 2008

1,2,3,4, tell me that you love me more...

+ I had dinner with Annie last night!

She was in Detroit for a conference, so I took a ride with her parents and we headed to Dearborn for some middle-eastern cuisine. Delicious food, wonderful company. It seems almost surreal that we have been friends for 26 years, and yet last night, I still learned so much about her that I never knew. We are all so much more beautifully complex than we may ever realize. Beautiful mysteries, in fact.

+ Josh and Aimee just found that they're having a little girl!

It may not be possible to describe how excited I feel, so perhaps I should refrain from trying. Let's just say, all I can think about is going shopping for adorable little pink outfits and flowered bonnets. Do they make tiaras for babies?

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