Monday, January 24, 2011

::winter warmth

One lovely perk provided by frigid weather is the Plymouth Ice Festival.
Saturday evening found me strolling along the snow-pelted streets, snapping shots of gorgeous sculptures.

Later, at the Plymouth Coffee Bean, I was very blessed to hear my friend Kim perform an hour's worth of her own original songs.
Her voice, musicianship, and songwriting are exceptionally rare gifts.
Her artistry speaks to my soul on a profound, visceral plane.
Joined by "special guests" who only made each song better, the show was a fantastic way to spend an evening, as her shows always are.

The next afternoon, I accompanied two lovely ladies to Ypsilanti, where we saw my friend Emily in a play at Eastern Michigan University.
Having taken on a role that required her to play a character who ages from 8 to 16 years old, Emily's performance was brilliant; both hilarious and subtle.
Although cameras were forbidden in the theater, I managed to snap a few shots on the sly.

A new friend, when told about my weekend, commented thusly: "Wow, you REALLY love the arts."
Why, yes.
Yes I do.

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