Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know, I know, lists are kind of lame.


-- I'm reading Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex. So far, so good.

-- I'm amazed by Emma (my 2-yr-old niece)'s verbal skills. She's such a little brainiac.

-- Ever since my unfortunate brush with stomach flu in late December, I've been craving Vernors. It's slightly troubling.

-- I am reminded, every time I watch his show, that Conan O'Brien is HILARIOUS.

-- I bought Season 1 of The Office because it was on sale. Best impulse buy ever.

-- My inordinately curly hair continues to perplex me, even after all these years.

-- Snow is not the bane of my existence. Yet. (Check back with me in April.)

-- I found this recipe for cinnamon toast, and I may have drooled a little.

-- I despise the lack of Cell Phone Manners. I may need to start posting Public Service Announcements.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I read Middlesex last year and I loved it. Hope you enjoy too. I really enjoyed how it wove together the story of Detroit with the immigrant family. And - I had no idea about the burning of Symrna (sp?) Greek vs Turkey etc.


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