Saturday, January 22, 2011

::present obsessions

I get obsessed with things.
It happens rather haphazardly.

In the auditory department, it's SModcast; although I have been a fan of this podcast since its inception, Kevin Smith has now created an entire podcast network.
My favorite is the one entitled Plus One, that he records with his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach.
A close second is Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, recorded with his erstwhile onscreen sidekick, Jason Mewes.
Kevin Smith is perhaps best known for his raunchy, filthy sense of humor. While I do not necessarily condone this, I am not offended by it either.
And I find him very endearing, in spite of all the vulgarity.
He's an Everyman who has carved out a very specialized niche, simply by being himself.
I've found that very rare in Hollywood.

In the culinary category, it's Naan -- Indian flatbread -- preferably garnished with some sort of soft cheese, and/or hummus.
A lifelong lover of bread, I'm generally guaranteed to love any kind that brushes across my path.
But this is exceptionally delicious.

In the blogosphere, I'm absolutely loving a site I just learned about while listening to The Splendid Table this morning.
It's called Cake Wrecks.
Here's a taste:

[Believe or not, that was supposed to say "Just Because."]

There you have it, folks.
You're welcome. ;)

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Lauryn said...

Definitely don't let a little fear stand in your way :) It's a great way to meet some wonderful ladies and bring more traffic to your blog! We'd love to have you there! :)


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