Sunday, August 2, 2009

::how does that make you feel?

The titles most likely to populate my Netflix queue are those belonging to television shows.

Lately, the show of choice has been In Treatment.

Each episode, with very few exceptions, portrays only a therapy session.

Most often, it is the dialogue that is called upon to retain the viewer's interest, which I always find intriguing.
And the actors who breathe life into this dialogue are superb.

Having been "in treatment" - in psychotherapy - for several years myself, I can attest to the realism and gritty truths exposed in each session.

When I was diagnosed with "major clinical depression" at age 19, there was a painful stigma attached to counseling/therapy.
I thought it meant I was "crazy," that I was irrefutably weak and mentally feeble, that I simply could not "handle my life" the way "normal people" could.

After spending brief stints in therapy over the years, I have come to realize that quite the opposite is true.

Without any trace of arrogance or boastful intention, I can truly state that I believe most people who choose to examine their lives in therapy are actually quite brave. Strong. Exceptional.
Dissecting one's own behavior, identifying patterns, noting unhealthy habits, dredging up painful memories, implementing healthier strategies for living...these are all difficult tasks.
They are not the sort of pursuits sought by the faint of heart.

I enjoyed therapy because it forced me to live consciously, thoughtfully.

It acknowledged the darkness, but always pointed toward Hope.


ZSB said...

I may need to check that one out...

BTW, you are crazy, but that has nothing to do with having been diagnosed with clinical depression.

Pastor Zach's Pet Peeve: Idiot pastors who preach about how you "don't need all those pills to be happy," you just need Jesus. One sermon I heard basically encouraged people with depression to flush their prescription meds and instead take the "Gos-pill." I wonder how that lawsuit would turn out...

Anastasia said...

Ummm, excuse me?
I am crazy?
How do you figure that?

Oh yeah, 'cause I went to see Kent Hovind live...and not for the irony.
Allright, I'll give you that.

"Gos-pill." UGH.
I have heard that schpiel from a couple of "Christian counselors" over the years.
They wanted to pray the depressive demons out of me.
I'm kind of sorry that I never let them try, 'cause that probably would've been an awesome story.


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