Wednesday, June 24, 2009

::blessed are you

Yesterday I must have been feeling exceptionally self-destructive, because I tuned in to a Christian radio talk show.

The topic?

Examples given by callers?
NOT persecution.
Not even close.

Oh no, adult education student, a transgendered person (gasp!) came into your Cultural Competency class and talked about his negative experiences with judgmental Christians?
It's too bad that you felt discomfort, but you weren't being persecuted.

Oh, you poor soul, you work in Ann Arbor - "a very liberal town" - and all of your coworkers are "liberal" and they disagree with your political beliefs?
Again, I'm sorry for the discomfort, but I doubt that qualifies as persecution either.

How about highlighting such Heroes as Richard Wurmbrand?
Maybe reading from Jesus Freaks?
Maybe explaining the true state of religious persecution - not only of Christians - worldwide?

I don't explicitly intend to sound snide, nor am I claiming to be an expert.
I certainly am not as well-informed as I ought to be.

But I do know that most of what is experienced in America is a tropical vacation compared to atrocities occurring globally every single day.


E. said...

Thanks for this very important distinction between "discomfort" and "persecution"--which works for any number of complaints people have in our country. Good to keep in mind. And also good to remember how blessed we are to be able to worship freely.

ZSB said...

"Maybe reading from Jesus Freaks?"

It's a shame that the connection to a mid-'90s pop group/album art will forever date this volume. I read from it frequently. As I am going to preach this Sunday, the reason that we have almost no real persecution in America is because we've the Church here is no real threat to Caesar and the me-centered culture.

Scot said...

Stop listening to Bob Dutko!--try Al Kresta 990 AM 3 o'clock.


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