Sunday, August 9, 2009

::boys are yucky

So let's say, hypothetically speaking, I had a crush on some dude.
Let's say this dude and I travel in some similar circles.

And after a significant length of time wherein I secretly harbored this crush, I finally scraped together enough courage to ask him out in a very casual, non-scary way, for a cup of coffee.
Let's say he turned me down.
Let's say he was rather rude when he turned me down.
And I was awake for most of the night after I read this dreaded rejection.

And then a few days later, I had to see him.
I avoided him completely, refusing to allow even the briefest moment of eye contact.
All the details, nuances I used to find charming and attractive - the way he smiles when he hugs people, the way he slouches a bit when he walks, etc.- are things I must now train myself to not love.
I have learned that he is not who I thought he was, that arrogance is his primary personality trait.
And after a short yet painstaking stretch of time of sharing his general vicinity, I leave, and my brain is swimming with intermingled pain, confusion and disgust.

And later, I glance at his LinkedIn profile, which is attractive and clearly achieves its intended smoke-and-mirrors effect.
But upon closer examination, I note that he has misspelled a very simple word.
And this makes me sublimely happy.


E. said...

An excellent feeling when you can see that you don't need to feel inadequate despite rejection. May this guy do something extremely embarassing in front of a lot of people. Anyone who wouldn't want to have coffee with you is a complete idiot.

ZSB said...

1. What a dick. Idiot.
2. This makes me want to punch said idiot in the face. With my car.
3. You are so insanely awesome. You are totally one of my favorite people and you make every place you go MUCH better and brighter simply by your presence. So, yeah... You're pretty good.

Anastasia said...

Thank you both, SO MUCH, for your kind words and your mutual show of solidarity.
You two and your beautiful son are three of my favorite people, too.
If potential dates could be treated like potential employers, I would definitely list the two of you as References.
Thank you again, you both have sincerely touched, inspired and humbled me with your kindness and encouragement.


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