Thursday, May 14, 2009

::txt me plz

I'm going to blatantly copy from Stephanie and transcribe a Conversation of the Day.
(I'm sorry, Steph, but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery ;] )

My brother Josh now has unlimited texting.
As noted on Twitter last evening, this translates to me falling out of my chair laughing on a much more frequent basis.

The following exchange took place last evening, after Danny Gokey's departure from American Idol.

JOSH: Danny got hosed!
ME: Haha! Totally! I think he'll be fine though
JOSH: I'd buy his record
ME: Me too! Plus, I may have a little crush on him. Just sayin'.
JOSH: Oh alright
ME: You have a mancrush on him. Admit it.
JOSH: I prefer the term "bromance"
ME: HAHAHA! Okay, Spencer Pratt
JOSH: Spencer Pratt is the hairiest turd on earth how dare you
ME: I apologize. If anyone called me Heidi Montag, I'd be gravely insulted. Although Spencer is worse because of his "creepy flesh-colored beard." (~Joel McHale)
JOSH: That's what happens when turds grow hair

(I'm still laughing.
Yes, I thoroughly enjoy the sophomoric scatological humor.
Who doesn't?)

1 comment:

whileshedreams said...

effing hilarious. i hope you do more of these. heidi and spencer make me sick. trev actually thought she was pretty.. i was like ummm yeah if you like HORSES


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