Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I.M. Notatruthteller

I love Kathy Griffin.
My affection for her began three years ago when I saw her stand-up special "The D-List" on Bravo.
All of her subsequent specials, and her reality show, have become must-see tv.
I don't fully understand why I love her so much, but one reason is because she is so unafraid to tell the brutal truth.
I have always known, on some level, that "show business" is one elaborate mirage; a large gaggle of entertainers who desperately attempt to tout themselves as kind, approachable and decent, when most of them are in fact spoiled, snobbish nightmares.
One such example is this (two-part) story that Kathy tells about her encounter with the media mogul known as Ryan Seacrest:

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