Friday, March 14, 2008

And the list goes on...

Things to Do Before I Go, goals 26-50...

26. Spend a night in a five-star hotel
27. See Over the Rhine in concert
28. Take voice lessons
29. Own an Apple computer
30. Throw a big party for no particular reason
31. Learn to play chess
32. Try surfing
33. Play a key role in a community theatre production
34. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
35. Go on a road trip in a motorhome
36. Lay in a hammock on the beach in Fiji
37. Fast for all 40 days of Lent
38. See a Bunraku performance
39. Take a really good photo of the Eiffel Tower
30. Say a prayer in a cathedral
31. See the Mona Lisa
32. Visit the Van Gogh museum
33. Swim beneath a waterfall
34. Learn to play guitar
35. Have dessert at Serendipity 3
36. Visit L.A./Hollywood
37. Volunteer at a women's shelter
38. Own a purebred Saint Bernard or Newfoundland
39. See a show on Broadway
40. Go to a gay pride parade
41. See dolphins "up close and personal"
42. Devote a vacation to the exploration of the Smithsonian
43. Live in a warm climate
44. Be a foster "parent" for an animal shelter
45. Learn to play the hammered dulcimer
46. Go on an African safari
47. Live in a big city 
48. Write a book and get it published
49. Go skydiving
50. Ride in a rickshaw

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