Monday, February 25, 2008

She hates the sounds that goodbyes make...

Jon McLaughlin on the Oscars last night?
He and his voice are awfully dreamy.
His song Human has been a star of my personal playlist since I heard it on Scrubs a few months ago.

Daniel Day-Lewis has enchanted and charmed me immeasurably; not only with his unparalleled talent, but with his brilliant eloquence and gentlemanly grace.


Here is what I do when I cannot sleep:

I watch a three-hour block of Full House on Nick at Nite, which includes one of my favorite episodes
(that's right, I said it. I actually have favorite episodes of the Cheesefest.) , wherein Stephanie teases a boy at school, calls him "Duckface", then subsequently apologizes and must deal with his burgeoning crush on her.
So I decide that this Duckface kid is a great little actor, and I do a little Googling to find out his name, and then I head to IMDB to check him out. This leads to an IMDB frenzy, wherein eventually I end up on Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber)'s page, then check her out on wikipedia, then finally on myspace.
This is the power of the internet, y'all.


I've decided I must see Juno again.
According to Diablo Cody's blog, there is a My So-Called Life reference in its dialogue that I somehow missed.
I'm very disappointed in myself.
This must be rectified.

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Annie said...

i saw thoroughly modern millie last year and the main actress ended up being the sister of Duckface on Full house!! Crazy huh?


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