Monday, July 23, 2012

::i will wait

Here's the thing:
Being single is really hard sometimes.
Especially in your mid-30s, when you wonder how many people have wondered if you may, in fact, be one of The Un-marry-ables.
Or maybe, horror of horrors, you're secretly (GASP!) a lesbian.

But alas, you're not gay.
You're attracted to guys.
The problem is, they don't really seem to be attracted to you.
And even though you know, deep down, that it's "not your fault," well...sometimes it just feels like it is.
Maybe you're just too fat, too sensitive, too needy, too...something.

You also know that being in a relationship and/or being married is really hard sometimes.
You have seen this firsthand.
You have seen marriages crumble to dust.
You have seen break-ups that were downright soul-crushing.
And yet, sometimes you just can't help but pine for the companionship.
The temptation to pine is everywhere; from romantic-comedy storylines to evangelical sermons.

And that's why you watch this video almost every day.
This poet moves you in places you didn't know you had.
She makes you shiver and cry.
You hold this close to your heart, a soul-soother when you need its magical elixir.

[THANK YOU, Janette, from the depths of my spirit.]

More than the watchmen wait for the morning...

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