Sunday, July 29, 2012

::a G-d thing

Tonight I found myself in a Bible study wherein the leader (Read: my dad) mentioned the term "God thing" in, something positive happens to you and you say "That was such a God thing!"

I don't use that term.
And I don't just find it annoying. 
I find it offensive. 

I may have gotten a little "worked up" about my opinion, which is unusual for me, so I need to process.

Someone brought up, "I think God prefers that we think of Him more often than not. I don't think it offends Him."
But I never said it offended Him.
I'm saying it offends me.
My sensibilities are far more irritable and high-maintenance than God's.
I have the unfortunate plight of being surprised  by things like awful Christian-culture phrases.
And maybe God does love it when we "think of Him"...but doesn't it matter what we're thinking of Him, and why?

It's one thing to just be annoyed by the cheesy phrase (which I am), but I know it goes deeper than that.

To say that something is "a God thing" sounds terribly vague.
Is it characterized as such because it reminds you to give credit where credit is ultimately due?
Is it something that reminds you that God loves you, even in the tiny details you might deem unimportant to Him?

Ultimately, I think using such a term gives God way too little credit for being who He is.
Every gift that is bestowed upon us, every breath we're given, is "a God thing."

To give Him credit only for the things that make us feel happy in the moment?
I just feel like we, as His people, can (and should) have truckloads more reverence for Him than that.

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