Monday, November 7, 2011

::pink poodle

I may have a case of The Mondays.

Hence, I will attempt to shove myself into happiness by recapping the last time I saw Emma (my adorable 3-year-old niece.)

I drove up to my hometown last week to spend Halloween with her, at the annual carnival hosted by my parents' church.

The chief of police was roaming around with her adorable bulldog, dressed as a jailbird.
And Emma, lover of all things canine - dressed as a pink poodle herself - had to have a commemorative photo taken.

We meandered around the gym (sorry, Family Life Center) and she played nearly every game, her spirits reaching their apex at the sight of the giant Bouncy House. (They should really have those for adults.)

Although I try so hard to be a wordsmith, there are some things that even words, as magical as they are, cannot encapsulate with their elongated tentacles.
One such thing is the caliber and category of joy that Emma's presence in the world delivers to my soul.

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