Thursday, May 5, 2011


I love taking care of my friends' animals.
The past year has given me more "gigs" in this arena than I can even label with numbers.

The older I become, the more animals fascinate me, and the more I relish the discovery of their quirks and personalities.

Pippin, the Maltese:

My dear, sweet Pippin is the dog who consoled me during a very painful break-up last spring. Seriously.
I wrote a poem about it.
He is my canine Muse.
He is one chivalrous little gentleman.

Cassie, the neurotic-yet-very-sweet-and-lovable Papillon:

Cassie is a quirky, diminutive little companion I can lift up with one hand, which is convenient because she demands to be everywhere with me.
Her presence is truly a comforting blessing.

Matilda - "Mattie" - my friend Kim's beautiful, sweet kitty:

She loves to venture outdoors for all manner of mysterious shenanigans, even during the frigid winter months.
When she's inside, she likes to linger near me, just out of reach, often adorably bashful and elusive.

Pumpkin, the cat who loves my purse:

Pumpkin's connection with me is somewhat mysterious, as she rarely "warms up" to anyone. Her owners, my dear friends Susan and Lloyd, have been amazed at Pumpkin's friendly spirit toward me; she sleeps with me and cannot stand to have my attention directed anywhere else when she's in my room. If I'm reading, she literally covers the book (or the laptop keyboard) with her paws, stares at me, and purrs irresistibly.
Her unexpected alliance with me has earned me the title of The Cat Whisperer.

Is there such a thing as a Professional Pet-sitter?
And if so, can I please become one?

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