Friday, April 29, 2011


I laugh a lot.

Chances are very good that if I know you, we have laughed together on several occasions.

My friend Erin once told me that it's "very satisfying" to make me laugh.
(Of course, I giggled at this.)

She took this photo:

I find laughter a beautiful gift and a glorious tool in life; for shaving the edge off of awkwardness, for shining tiny beams of light - however momentary - into dreary circumstances.

I've laughed in hospitals and hospices, in funeral homes, in counseling offices, in classrooms while teaching and learning.

Sometimes I laugh because there is nothing else to do.

And sometimes, because it's the only thing to do.


Erin said...


alli.phed said...

i miss laughing with you. at campfires, meetings in michigan when i visit--- you have an infectious laugh, no one around you can keep a straight face once you get the ball rolling.


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