Thursday, September 1, 2011

::zuck off

Confession: I have a complicated relationship with Facebook.

I check it several times a day, and can often be spotted on the News Feed uploading photos and videos and such (probably twice as often since the acquisition of my iPhone).

I also see the appeal of shunning it altogether, refusing to allow that sort of access into one's life, because publicizing any personal information is frightening.

Currently, I'm frustrated by some recent changes involving privacy, so I felt like procuring a Motivational Poster.

You're welcome.


ZSB said...

DUDE! Don't quit FB! We totally wouldn't keep in touch...

Αναστασία said...

Oh no, I'm not quitting.
No worries.
Just venting.

And seriously, that Motivational Poster generator is hours of idle merriment.

ZSB said...

Speaking of FB, I see that you are attending an upcoming event that has something to do with Tempest Bledsoe??


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