Tuesday, July 12, 2011

::happy murphiversary!

Oh, precious blog, how I have neglected thee...

Let's remedy this, shall we?

On Sunday, I went to one of the best parties ever!

It was a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of my friends Paul and Paula Murphy.
(I know, their matching names are cute, right?)

Paula is the brilliant Music Director and pianist at my church, her husband Paul owns Bluefish Music and is an incredible guitarist who occasionally accompanies me when I read my poetry at various events.
And their children, Dylan and Emma, ages 13 and 15, are incredibly bright stars in my galaxy; constant reminders of genuine love and gentle joy.

Their party was held "out in the country" and featured many musically-inclined guests, so there were mics and instruments available for performing.

Friends performed everything from Sam Cooke to Beatles, from Carole King to Tom Waits.
Many of the songs were performed by Dylan and Emma, who honored their parents beautifully with their musical aptitude.

I am not a musician or a (good) singer, but I decided to write something and read it aloud to honor the Murphy family. Here it is...

I could begin with a litany of fun facts, such as Paul's monkey-trainer aspirations, or Paula's grand affinity for All Things Harry Potter.
But what I'd truly like to express is this:
Paul and Paula are two souls who have fused together and shared with the world two extensions of their union, Emma Simone and Dylan Francis.
Theirs is a love that achieved storybook romance, and then transcended it with the creation of two young people who exude the rarest and most exquisite of kindnesses.
Regarded by their peers and and elders alike as compassionate, joyful souls, Dylan's and Emma's countenances are no surprise, when we remember that they are reflections of the beauty in their parents, and of the God who cemented the covenant between them.

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