Sunday, April 19, 2009


Before I left for Myrtle Beach, I had some blood drawn at the doctor's office.

During vacation, I received a call that my blood sugar had tested very high.

On Thursday, the doctor told me that I'm diabetic.

I knew I had risk factors (obesity, family history, etc.) , so it wasn't a complete shock, and I also know it's a very manageable condition. Also, in the grand scheme of Things That Could Be Wrong With Me, I know it's very mild.

Still, it struck me with a swift, forceful punch.

I've also been very sick for several days with some mysterious respiratory ailment, which the Dr. thought may be pneumonia, but I couldn't afford the chest X-Ray to confirm it. between the coughing spells and blowing my nose every two minutes, I've had lots of time to ponder and ruminate, and I've realized that this diagnosis was one that I needed.

Whatever else it is - frightening, sad, confusing, upsetting, slightly devastating - I've decided that it's actually going to yield positive results.

I've known - and secretly wished for - a "wake-up call" for quite a while now, and a large part of me is grateful for its receipt.

The other part of me? Scared to death.


Annie said...

That is scary...but you should talk to my mom and get any suggestions from her since my dad is diabetic too.

Anastasia said...

Thanks so much, Annie, I was thinking your dad was diabetic too, and that I should maybe talk to him or your mom about my diagnosis.
I'm so grateful for your family being there for me ♥

Scot said...

Investigate cinnamon.

whileshedreams said...

i'm really sorry to hear that stace :( do you have to use insulin and stuff or just control it with diet? it seems like every day i hear about someone else getting this diagnosis... i've always worried i'm next, too. good luck with everything, i know it's a difficult transition to figure out what you can/can't do with your diet and whatnot. but at least you are looking at it in a positive light - that's important. i'm here for you love!


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