Friday, December 19, 2008

::oh how the years go by

A photo survey from a friend:

1. The oldest photo of you on your computer.

Me sitting on my Grandpa's lap, posing with my brother Josh:

2. Your newest photo of yourself.

Self-portrait on my birthday, 12-4-08:

3. A photo of you and one other person.

Me with my friend Robin at a graduation party, 5-31-08:

4. A group photo.

My sister-in-law Aimee on Emma's birth day, holding Emma, surrounded by her four nieces; Isabel, Maya, Alli & Sofia, 8-4-08:

5. A holiday/birthday photo.

With Josh on his 3rd birthday:

6. One of your Myspace/Facebook photos.

A facebook profile picture; wearing my brother Joel's silly sunglasses, 6-13-08:

8. A photo of you in your favorite color.

My favorite color varies, but I like pink + black together; after Annie + I straightened my hair in Utah, 5-27-08:

9. A photo someone else took of you.

Taken by Robin @ Camp Lake Louise, 2006:

10. A photo(s) of your siblings.

Josh @ the hospital, right after his daughter Emma was born, 8-4-08:

Joel holding Emma, 8-15-08:

11. A photo of your pet, or you and your pet.

Sadly I don't have pets, but this is one of Josh + Aimee's dogs, Griffin:

12. 3 random photos with friends/family.

Me with Josh in our grandparents' garage...I can't believe how straight my hair was back then:

Me holding Joel when he first came home from the hospital:

Me with my cousin/close friend Heather:


There you have it.
Wanna play?
I'd love to peep your sweet snapshots.

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