Friday, August 22, 2008


I like:

old yearbooks, my dad's laugh, green beans, red gerber daisies, long necklaces, the smell of rain, Karin Bergquists's voice, curled eyelashes, new books, abandoned buildings, distinctive penmanship, nonconformity, overstuffed chairs, handwritten notes, crisp chilly mornings at Lake Louise, word games, cute friendly dogs, rose-colored sky, ice water with lemon, decoupaged bookcases, sleeping late, long tight hugs, catharsis, fresh fruit salad, laughing until it hurts, comfortable silences, candid portraits, words that burrow in, chubby babies, good hair days, silly slang terms, lunch dates, watching the sun rise and set, pink bicycles with streamers, overcast afternoons, photo albums, poems that invade me, self-deprecation, sweet elderly men, addictive books, mango smoothies, friendly strangers, detailed daydreams, unforgettable films, guilty pleasures, brown with turquoise, npr, cityscapes at night, reconnecting with old friends, silver nail polish, charm bracelets, spontaneity, popcorn + milk duds at the movies, driving songs, trendy glasses, and expensive cameras.

Et tu?

1 comment:

E. said...

I love sunlight after a rain when all colors are intensified, little hopping birds, paisley, turning the baby monitor on and hearing silence, the feel of the seasons changing (especially those first cool breezy days of autumn), a rainy day spent reading and puttering, long drives with loud music, living in the beautiful water-filled state of Michigan, rearranging furniture, watercolor landscapes, getting unexpected gifts from my husband, movies and books that give me that indescribable feeling--sort of like being transported to another world, but not really...maybe the feeling that I'd like to live in them for awhile.


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