Monday, February 20, 2012


The last four weeks have been a flurry of blurry transitions.

 First, I suddenly and painfully moved out of the Detroit house.
 There were legitimate reasons and extenuating circumstances.
 Things happen in life, dear reader.
 And sometimes they suck.
 (Ask me privately. I'll explain.)

 So, I'm back in my hometown.
 Good old Holly.

 A few days later, I was blessed with a new baby niece. Lilee Adelia.

I adore her already.
She's now 3.5 weeks old, and growing healthier, stronger, and cuter by the day.
What a precious gift.

Some lovely and beautiful news arrived again, as we learned that my dad will be Resident Director of Camp Lake Louise this summer!
Words cannot contain my joy and gratitude for this.

Despite a few curveballs, I'm hangin' in there.
Blessings abound. 

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