Friday, April 30, 2010

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I do not like Christian bookstores, and generally frown upon roughly 75% of the merchandise they're peddling. (aka "Jesus Junk," the dregs of which are found here.)

In my youth, before I grew older and became so "jaded and cynical," I used to wear Christian t-shirts.

I found their brazen copycat logos endearing, even witty and clever.

I am physically sickened by them.

Tonight, I found myself reluctantly accompanying my dad on a stroll into the local Christian bookstore, and here are a few gems I managed to capture with my phone's camera...

For those Facebook Fanatics:

For The Bass Player:

And finally, for those Twitter Addicts:


I understand their appeal.
I genuinely do.
I used to belong to their target demographic.

I also understand that my mockery of them may be conveyed as sheer snobbery.

My deep-seated objections to Christian merchandising are difficult to articulate.

What I can express is, I find it insulting to reduce the Sanctity of God, Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and Scripture, to an imitative silk-screened logo on a cotton t-shirt, or shiny symbols emblazoned on the wrappers of crystallized sugar.

No human brain is capable of comprehending the whole of Who and What God is.

But I do know this: He is not a product.


Scot said...

C'mon Stacey, don't you realize how many MILLIONS of people have been led to a relationship with Christ because of caring Christians and their T-shirts?
I too, used to like this drek. Now, I buy too many icons, but at least they don't leave the house.

Slippery Pencil said...

Did they have any of these great items:

Erin said...

Jesus Junk does truly go beyond being cringe-worthy to being genuinely offensive. It's only redeeming virtue is that, in some small way, it contributed to Zach's education since the company he worked for sold it and also paid for his seminary tuition. So, you can at least think about the many people Zach has impacted and will impact with the Gospel, which should keep you from wanting to choke the guys who came up with most of that crap.

Erin said...
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