Sunday, February 1, 2009

::Everybody's doin' it, part deux

I keep getting tagged, and I actually like doing these things, are 25 more:

1 -- I hate raw onions, but I love onion rings and french onion soup.

2 -- I love great fiction, but I'm terrible at writing it.

3 -- Unlike most people I know, I have never been to Florida.

4 -- I've struggled with clinical depression since I was 19. I sometimes still feel ashamed of it, although I know that I shouldn't. I'm finally on a medication that is both affordable ($4 a month at Wal*mart!) and effective.

5 -- The week before Easter, I'm going to Myrtle Beach with my family. It will be the first time I've ever been to the ocean.

6 -- I have a terrible time motivating myself to go to church.

7 -- I love painting my nails silver.

8 -- I like watching reruns of Roseanne, especially the early episodes.

9 -- Stand By Me was my first favorite movie, and I watched it so much that I had it memorized.

10 -- I used to think Dane Cook was hilarious, but now I can just barely tolerate him.

11 -- I'm very close to my parents and I spend a lot of time with them.

12 -- I drink sometimes, but I don't like bars because of the smoke and the noise.

13 -- I'm intimidated easily, especially by people who have strong personalities or some sort of prestige attached to them.

14 -- I sometimes don't know how I'm feeling until I write it down or say it out loud.

15 -- I'm not competitive. Not even close. I feel bad when I give someone the "Draw two" card in UNO.

16 -- I am most definitely a "night person," and I hate getting up in the morning.

17 -- I sometimes get emotional when I see older people eating alone in restaurants.

18 -- In general, I would much rather text than call. It's quicker and avoids gratuitous chit-chat.

19 -- When I was a teenager, I wanted a lava lamp really badly for some reason. I borrowed one from a friend and was mesmerized by it. (I wasn't high though, I swear ;] )

20 -- I miss having a job, feeling productive and useful. I really hope I can find one soon.

21 -- My favorite love songs are The Beatles' "In My Life" and Over the Rhine's "Bothered."

22 -- This year I decided I want to send more mail. I used to love having pen pals; I miss sending and receiving letters and cards.

23 -- I'd like to go to grad school, but I'm torn about what to study.

24 -- I love Sid Dickens memory blocks

25 -- I wish I had the patience to straighten my hair more often.

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